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Choosing a college is a huge decision; finding the right fit is critical. Don’t just rely on those dry websites, or messaging your friend’s second cousin. Video chat with like-minded students at colleges across the country to find out what life is really like at their school.

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    Campus Convo is the most helpful and efficient way to research colleges.

    Talk to students who share your same interests, extracurriculars, and potential majors.

    Ask them about whatever is important to you, not just what the usual websites highlight.

    Get unfiltered info. Pre-med professors: phenomenal. Dining hall pizza: not so much.

    And do it all over video chat, from home, whenever you want.

    Even before COVID, only 53% of 4-year college undergrads were satisfied with their college experience. And with COVID-19 ongoing, it's more critical than ever that you hear directly from students about their college experience.

    We’re not going to tell you a school’s student:faculty ratio or median SAT. What we will help you figure out is which school feels like the best fit for you. Isn’t that what counts?

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  • Andy Bernard

    Monica D.

    About me

    I'm a Junior at USC and am living on campus during COVID. I'm from New Jersey originally and love it here! In my free time I love exploring the city, volunteering, and I work on campus.


    • USC
    • Class of 2022
    • Psychology
    • Lives on campus


    • Community service
    • Internships
    • Fitness
    • Dance

    $25.00 per 30 min session

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