Why are we doing this?

We know college admissions, and the college experience as a whole, can be difficult and stressful in many ways. Campus Convo was started to help out both sets of customers as best we can.

We want to empower future college students to make more informed decisions about their application and admissions process. There’s a severe lack of authentic, tailored advice out there, and we want to fix that.

We also want to create new ways for college students to make money. We believe that everyone out there should have the tools to make money off of the knowledge in their head, and we can play a small part in that.

Who are we?

We’re a small team that launched in late 2020. Yep, a COVID startup. If you want to say hi, shoot us an email at contact@campusconvo.com or give us a follow on Instagram.

Press coverage

Lol not yet.